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It’s been a butternut squash kind of few weeks. I made my Gluten Free Butternut Squash Ravioli the other day, and because there was plenty of butternut squash filling left over, I had to do something with it. When it is piping hot, the filling is yummy enough to replace mashed potatoes, but instead, we made a pizza and topped it with cheese, caramelized onions and peppers. Paleo or dairy free? Just omit the cheese (still delicious) or use your favorite dairy free substitute. Use your favorite gluten free pizza crust, or choose from several in the recipe index.

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Mmmmmm….Get ready to enjoy that sort-of-greasy-but-crispy crust that you may recall from the hut. Pizza is probably the food I miss the most as a gluten free person. That’s probably why I have several styles on this website. For whatever reason, the old school pan pizza came to mind today and I figured I’d give it a try for tonight’s dinner. I love it when something is successful the first time around! I call this a kind-of-personal pizza, because in reality, it serves two people (and half this pie pretty much falls in line with low FODMAP). Or you can keep it to yourself and enjoy two separate meals.

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My first pizza recipe remains a family favorite, but I recently created this alternative which FOLDS like a NY pie without cracking. Having grown up in NJ, pizza was probably my most favorite food, so it pains me whenever I walk by an east coast pizzeria and smell a hot, fresh pizza baking, knowing that this most perfect, gluten-laden delight will never cross my lips again. Also, I’m biased in thinking NY style pizza is the best kind on earth. Although not an exact replacement for the real deal (let’s be honest, what GF stuff really is), this happens to be pretty quick to make and a few steps closer to my long lost memory!

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img_0225Introducing one gluten/grain free recipe with many options: Make it egg free or dairy free. Make mini pizzas or a whole pizza. You can even make sandwich buns!  An oops the kitchen other day turned into this fast egg-free pizza crust. Then I started thinking about the folks out there who are OK with eggs, but can’t do dairy, so a tiny change and voila! This recipe can do either, but the results are a little different. The dairy free bread has a little firmer structure and a tighter bubble, while the egg free bread has a lighter, chewier texture. But wait! There’s more! Both types freeze and reheat well, so add a little convenience to the features of this recipe – and on those “hangry” days, nothing saves the day like having a frozen pizza crust around to make a quick meal. I tested both pizzas in the photo and honestly, either one could please us gluten free desperate-for-good-bread people. Continue Reading

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IMG_0214While grocery shopping the other day, my husband walked by the asparagus and said, “Remember that ham and asparagus thing you used to make?” Years ago, I used to make a pasta dish with ham, asparagus and cheese. It was a family favorite, but when I had to go gluten free, it dropped off the radar of the regularly scheduled menu options. One of my favorite things to do now is to recreate those old memories and make them gluten free. So, I bought the asparagus and created this pizza. After just the first bite, I got two thumbs up from my husband.  You can use ham or Canadian bacon, and it can be made dairy free too!  Just use the dairy free alternatives included in the recipe. Continue Reading