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IMG_1268…with Salted Caramel Sauce. I love pretty much all things pumpkin. Over the past few years, I’ve made some decent GF pumpkin pie, but this year, I wanted something a little different. This is similar to cheese cake (but uses Greek yogurt instead of cream cheese), has plenty of pumpkin pie flavors, and the caramel sauce…mmmm…just sends it over the top. Next day, it becomes the breakfast of this champion, if there’s any left over!

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IMG_0004Frequently requested by my gluten-eating family, these rolls could be worth the effort if you’ve missed the fresh-baked aroma and texture of cinnamon rolls! Coconut oil is the fat I use for the roll itself, but butter or shortening may be acceptable substitutes. For the optional frosting, butter makes it yummy, but then it wouldn’t be considered dairy free, so coconut oil could be an acceptable substitute. (I’ve not tested any substitutions just yet, but if any of them work, let me know!). They are not your colossal-sized cinnamon roll, but just a bit bigger than a mini-sized roll. Continue Reading