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IMG_0225A tasty departure from your average, everyday salad!  Tomato vinegar compliments the flavors nicely, although balsamic vinegar can be substituted. Don’t have shallots? Substitute chopped garlic and onions. If you cannot find a GF-labeled blue cheese, feta cheese is a viable alternative. I serve this at room temperature, just after it’s assembled. If you prefer, you can chill it, but consume within an hour or so of making it.

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About 30 Minutes or Less, Dairy Free, Freezer Friendly, Gluten Free, Grain Free, Paleo Friendly, Recipes, Snack, Sweet

IMG_0206Nothing says cardboard (or sugar) like a GF cookie straight out of a box, off the grocery store shelf. No need to settle for that!
Many times, I’ll make extra dough to refrigerate and use over the course of a few days, especially when we’re craving just a couple of fresh-baked cookies after dinner. The dough can also be frozen, defrosted and baked to enjoy another time! Continue Reading

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IMG_0004Frequently requested by my gluten-eating family, these rolls could be worth the effort if you’ve missed the fresh-baked aroma and texture of cinnamon rolls! Coconut oil is the fat I use for the roll itself, but butter or shortening may be acceptable substitutes. For the optional frosting, butter makes it yummy, but then it wouldn’t be considered dairy free, so coconut oil could be an acceptable substitute. (I’ve not tested any substitutions just yet, but if any of them work, let me know!). They are not your colossal-sized cinnamon roll, but just a bit bigger than a mini-sized roll. Continue Reading