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IMG_1327Just in time for the holidays, these gluten free linzer tarts are full of good, wholesome ingredients. No grain, no gum. Just yum.
The cookies in the picture were waiting for a sprinkling of confectioner’s sugar but taste great just plain, too! Not a raspberry fan? These taste great filled with chocolate chips (melt chocolate in the microwave, spread on the cookie, top with another cookie, cool, eat).

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IMG_1286Not a Brussel Sprout fan? This dish could change your perspective. If you love ’em, this will become a regular in your recipe file. The inspiration came from a a meal I had at the Dancing Bear Lodge the other night. Something similar to this was an easy GF choice on the menu, as were the numerous and delicious options with a staff that is lazer-focused on food allergies. Visit them if you’re in this area – its a beautiful place.

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IMG_1268…with Salted Caramel Sauce. I love pretty much all things pumpkin. Over the past few years, I’ve made some decent GF pumpkin pie, but this year, I wanted something a little different. This is similar to cheese cake (but uses Greek yogurt instead of cream cheese), has plenty of pumpkin pie flavors, and the caramel sauce…mmmm…just sends it over the top. Next day, it becomes the breakfast of this champion, if there’s any left over!

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About 1 Hour or Less, Bread, Dairy Free, Dinner, Gluten Free, Grain Free, Lunch, Paleo Friendly, Recipes

IMG_0441Forget boxed stuffing for your holiday table, but don’t forget this stuffing! Super easy to make and you probably don’t need to mention it’s gluten free because it tastes like the real thing. You can make the Fast Focaccia a day ahead of time since stale/toasted bread works just fine in the recipe. If you need a dairy free option, make the Hamburger Buns ( just pour the batter into one mound on a cookie sheet), cool and cut into cubes.

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About 1 Hour or Less, Bread, Dairy Free, Gluten Free, Grain Free, Lunch, Paleo Friendly, Recipes, Snack

Version 2Sometimes you just want a crunchy, savory snack. These pretzel bites are easy to make. They can be made from practically any plain GF bread, and it’s a great use for GF breads, as they tend to get stale pretty quick, but you don’t want to throw the expensive loaf/ingredients away.  If you don’t have any GF bread around, make the Fast Focaccia, cut into cubes and go from there.

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About 30 Minutes or Less, Gluten Free, Grain Free, Lunch, Recipes, Snack

IMG_0112Sorry for the pun, but I couldn’t help it…A couple of years ago, I had my dad try one of my early GF breads that happened to be laden with tapioca flour. Apparently he liked it because he recently asked me for the recipe, but since he’s diabetic, I asked he give me a little time to create something more carb friendly. Yes, I made him a bread he really likes, but these snack crackers also happened around the same time and he really loves them, as does my family, since even a double batch rarely makes it beyond a day in our house.  Continue Reading