If you’re feeling a little alone in your gluten free (GF) journey, there’s a fantastic place you can go to get some respite from the drudgery we call our lifestyle. It’s almost like a family reunion, minus the whacky uncle or aloof cousin, yet strangely similar with people like me, whacky and aloof when it comes to food. That place is a gluten free expo. I am embarrassed to say that in my nine years of being GF, I cannot believe I waited until year eight to seek one out, but I attribute it to one reason in particular: I didn’t really know there was such a thing. Continue Reading

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Gluten Free (GF) Expos are popping up all over the place now. They are the perfect place for us GF folks to stick together until all gluten is removed from the planet, which is scheduled to happen right around the same time hell freezes over. This past weekend, I was honored to be a blogger at the GFAF Wellness event in Columbia, SC. It was a one day event, and the place was packed with awesome attendees, fantastic speakers and amazing vendors. Continue Reading

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Being away from home shouldn’t mean compromising your gluten free health and safety. I used to travel so much for work, I became very efficient in the way I planned my trips to stay safe. Colleagues were well aware of my needs and were more than happy to go along to places I selected ahead of time. When traveling for pleasure, the same goes for whomever my travel companion happens to be. So, the common theme here is to plan. Here are a few quick tips to help you get started. Continue Reading

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I used to love going out to eat, especially when our family could just select a restaurant on a whim. Once diagnosed with celiac disease, the process changed drastically. I had to give up on eating out until I figured out a way to stay safe. Even though I prefer to cook and encourage others to cook, every now and then, I either just want to go out, or simply cannot avoid going out to eat (especially when traveling). Gluten free menus are popping up all around, but that may not necessarily mean your experience will be GF. In many cases, it’s not the food that concerns me as much as what’s going on in the kitchen and the care the staff takes to not cross contaminate. Continue Reading

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Ever get bored with your same-old gluten free meals? Perk them up and make them way more enjoyable with flavors only herbs and spices can provide. With herbs, I usually have the basic ones growing in a pot somewhere – fresh rosemary, basil, thyme and oregano. Just pick, chop and toss in a salad, or sprinkle on some sautéed meat and vegetables and you have a sensational meal experience. But, unless I want to grow dozens of herbs, dehydrate them, etc., my drawer of bottled herbs and spices get a workout on a daily basis. Continue Reading

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Whether it’s Celiac disease or other reasons that have you nixing the gluten in your life,  this lifestyle change can be frustrating and emotionally overwhelming. Where do you start? How do you deal with the unknown road ahead?  Consider attending an expo to assist in your quest for information! Of course many of us turn to the internet or books to search for information, recipes and other hacks in an attempt to make the transition smooth and seamless. With the plethora of information to read and review, it can get overwhelming and time consuming. An expo may be just what you are looking for! Continue Reading

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img_0232When switching to a gluten free lifestyle, identifying gluten in food is obviously the main focus and learning how to navigate through the grocery store in our gluten-filled world is certainly frustrating and initially time consuming. Surprisingly, so many people I speak with who are new to gluten free aren’t initially informed on the non-food gluten sources, especially when it comes to the home kitchen. A single crumb in a toaster can make one feel crummy for days. It’s little things like this, and a lack of information that can get in the way of healing. Knowing about hidden sources of gluten can sometimes serve as a missing link to become truly gluten free. Continue Reading


restaurantVetting restaurants for their gluten free capabilities can help qualify and disqualify some restaurants, and in many instances, can provide an enjoyable dining experience. 

I used to love eating out. The mere mention of going out for a meal, allowing me to take a break from cooking and clean up instantly resulted in me ushering the family into the car as we discussed where to go. Since my celiac disease diagnosis in 2009, the excitement is gone and I simply don’t eat out much because Continue Reading

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conversion for post Final“Isn’t gluten free expensive?” If I had a nickel for every time I was asked that (well, I wouldn’t get rich, but you know what I’m saying). Whether diagnosed with celiac disease, gluten intolerance or other reason leading you to eliminate gluten, a typical response when stepping into the gluten free world can be heading to the grocery store for the gluten free version of the favorite, habitual, mainstay foods one grew up on.  Continue Reading

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IMG_0140On my gluten free journey, I’ve naturally migrated toward less, including less ingredients, less chemicals and trying to spend less money. This includes ridding my home of harsh chemicals, as even some of the eco-friendly products cause some respiratory issues for me. I now make several of my own cleaners and use them on various surfaces throughout my home. Continue Reading