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When I was a kid, one of the best things about this time of year was getting a cool and minty shamrock shake at McDonalds. I no longer visit fast food joints for my obvious GF reasons, but still wanted a little taste of my past. These frosting-filled sandwich cookies are simple to make, the cookie dough is sweetened with only maple syrup and applesauce, and the green coloring is actually NATURAL, and made from something you likely have in your pantry. Of course you can use food coloring if you desire, but for people who are avoiding artificial coloring, this may be quite the treat!  Continue Reading

About 30 Minutes or Less, Dairy Free, Dinner, Egg Free, Gluten Free, Grain Free, Lunch, Paleo Friendly, Recipes, Snack

Do you grow tired or reading labels on seemingly simple products? So many food I look at don’t say GF on them, but don’t have any gluten ingredients listed. It’s that “natural flavor” or “spices” that make me put something back. Pizza sauce is one such product, so I’ll take 20 minutes out of my day make my own, store it in a squeeze bottle and put it in the fridge. Continue Reading

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When was the last time you enjoyed a soft, warm breadstick from Olive Garden? That’s what I thought. When a friend asked my daughter on a scale from 1 to 10 where these rated, my daughter rated it a 9. When asked why not a 10, she exclaimed, “Because they are not unlimited!” The “hardest” part of making these are learning how to set up the form for the pan (easy to follow instructions are below), but do it once, and it won’t be a big deal anymore.  Continue Reading

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In a breakfast rut? Start your day with some yummy granola – with milk or toss it on top of some fruit and yogurt. In this GRAIN FREE recipe, lemon is the star  and takes this granola on a departure from your standard, almost too familiar, cinnamon-type granola. It makes for a great snack, and a topping for ice cream too!  Continue Reading

About 1 Hour or Less, Dairy Free, Dinner, Freezer Friendly, Gluten Free, Grain Free, Lunch, Paleo Friendly, Recipes, Snack

Welcome to ravioli #4 in the ravioli-making series. This one can be made dairy free! And here’s a NEWS FLASH! I just changed up the prep to make it SO MUCH FASTER AND EASIER. You see, I roll dough fairly often, and in some cases it is that activity alone that becomes the dealbreaker in time and/or motivation to make a recipe like this. We all have our days when we just can’t get the desire to cook and need to break through it to have something really satisfying. Let me set the expectation for you – this really isn’t a big deal to do once you get started (just make sure you have all of the ingredients ready to go, or that frustration will just grow)! Continue Reading

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Is it Entenmanns? Is it from New Jersey? No! It’s a gluten free crumb cake I made at home! As I continue down my never-ending gluten free journey, I get these little cravings of foods I used to love dearly. Growing up in Jersey, this was probably one of the best foods. Ever. I even worked at a bakery when I was in high school that made this among other gluten-filled foods that I long for every now and then. It’s been decades since I lived in the garden state, and Entenmann’s brand of crumb cake was a pretty good substitute for the real thing, but whenever my husband had to travel back to NJ, I always asked him to stop and get some crumb cake, pack it in his suitcase and bring it home…which he did! Continue Reading

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You know how the story goes…if someone had told me 10 years ago that rutabagas would be one of my favorite vegetables…. Fact is, I never ate a rutabaga until just a few years ago, when I was looking for more variety in my tiny, limited gluten free world. Perhaps that’s one of the plusses to being GF: Getting the nerve up to expand to foods I never knew much about. They have a texture similar to a potato and are sweeter and milder than it’s cousin, the turnip. With a quick comparison to potatoes, they appear to be better for you!  Rutabega vs. Potato – 1 cup serving:  ( calories 51 vs. 136) and carbohydrates (11.6 grams vs. 31.4 grams)  so if calories and carbs are on your watch list, these may be a great substitute! Considering they have potassium and vitamin C too, you may want to put them on your shopping list. Continue Reading

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Brussel sprouts have come a long way in the last few years, from an obscure vegetable that wrinkled faces at the dinner table to a much welcomed side dish. I remember as a kid, the only way they were ever prepared was boiled, and if you were lucky, it had some butter on it to make it more palatable. If only my mom knew about roasting vegetables! What is so great about roasted veggies is the convenience of just tossing some veggies with oil, salt and pepper and letting them do their thing in the oven while you muss and fuss with the other parts of the meal. Bacon (of course) amps this up, but the addition of a few crumbles of blue cheese and a drizzle of honey can make this the favorite item on your plate. The other night, we tossed a few scoops of this onto our salads and made a meal out of it. Welcome back, Brussel sprouts! Continue Reading

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One of the interesting (yet frustrating) aspects of being GF is the seemingly infinite number of flours to choose from. With the exception of rice flour, I eliminated many possibilities when I gave up grains. I’ve tried just about all of the flours out there and quickly determined my favorites. Hazelnut is a flavor that people either love to hate, and some of that can be contributed to hazelnut overload of the last decade (before the everything vanilla phase and the current pumpkin spice craze) . Hazelnut flour is quite different. And in this recipe, it has such an interesting flavor and texture – almost elegant – and when paired with the creamy frosting you’ll eat every bite on your plate. I can’t quite put my finger on it, but it is reminiscent of something from my childhood, most likely my years in New Jersey. Regardless, it is something I look forward to making around the holidays! Continue Reading

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It’s been a butternut squash kind of few weeks. I made my Gluten Free Butternut Squash Ravioli the other day, and because there was plenty of butternut squash filling left over, I had to do something with it. When it is piping hot, the filling is yummy enough to replace mashed potatoes, but instead, we made a pizza and topped it with cheese, caramelized onions and peppers. Paleo or dairy free? Just omit the cheese (still delicious) or use your favorite dairy free substitute. Use your favorite gluten free pizza crust, or choose from several in the recipe index.

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