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These biscuits are special. Why? Not only do you NOT need to chase it with a glass of water after eating it (yes, they are moist and buttery), but they just had the honor of competing in the Special Biscuit category of the Biscuit Baking Contest at the International Biscuit Festival. Every May, adorable  Knoxville, Tennessee celebrates all things biscuits.  A third place finish was perfectly fine considering the gluten-filled competition: a chef and a multi-time contest winner.  For me, it’s the closest thing I’ll ever experience to being on “Chopped,” one of my favorite cooking shows, except a really chill version of it. For Biscuitfest, entries have to be crazy-special. My entry was accompanied by Beurre-acha Shrimp, Avocado Crema and Crispy Shallots. 

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Who doesn’t love cupcakes? Perfect little controlled portions of yummy goodness. The little burst of raspberry in the center make these extra special. The SPRINKLES, which just add pure fun, also need to be vetted for their gluten free status. For the last two holidays, the brand Hobby Lobby carries in their seasonal section have had a gluten free indication on the label (as with any product, GF status can change, so don’t take my word for it). Get out the bifocals, if needed, because it’s listed pretty small on the label.


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IMG_0223As a kid, when given the choice between French toast or pancakes, French toast always won. Just personal preference, I guess. So, without gluten in my life, I was really happy to get reacquainted French toast.   Since I make my own versions of gluten free bread, I use those, especially if it starts to get stale, but just about any gluten free bread will work. The French toast pictured here was the result of a few slider buns (from this recipe) getting a little dry. Since gluten free ingredients can get a bit pricy, this is just one of the ways I use them up…or I make grilled cheese or croutons. But today was just a French toast kind of day. Continue Reading

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conversion for post Final“Isn’t gluten free expensive?” If I had a nickel for every time I was asked that (well, I wouldn’t get rich, but you know what I’m saying). Whether diagnosed with celiac disease, gluten intolerance or other reason leading you to eliminate gluten, a typical response when stepping into the gluten free world can be heading to the grocery store for the gluten free version of the favorite, habitual, mainstay foods one grew up on.  Continue Reading