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In a breakfast rut? Start your day with some yummy granola – with milk or toss it on top of some fruit and yogurt. In this GRAIN FREE recipe, lemon is the star  and takes this granola on a departure from your standard, almost too familiar, cinnamon-type granola. It makes for a great snack, and a topping for ice cream too!  Continue Reading

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Is it Entenmanns? Is it from New Jersey? No! It’s a gluten free crumb cake I made at home! As I continue down my never-ending gluten free journey, I get these little cravings of foods I used to love dearly. Growing up in Jersey, this was probably one of the best foods. Ever. I even worked at a bakery when I was in high school that made this among other gluten-filled foods that I long for every now and then. It’s been decades since I lived in the garden state, and Entenmann’s brand of crumb cake was a pretty good substitute for the real thing, but whenever my husband had to travel back to NJ, I always asked him to stop and get some crumb cake, pack it in his suitcase and bring it home…which he did! Continue Reading

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Not so long ago, two family members decided to go vegetarian – for no other reason than they said they didn’t care for the taste and texture of meat anymore. For some meat, I can’t totally disagree with them. For me, the more different we get with our particular protocols and preferences, the more we have to cook (separate meals), the less we get to eat together (because preparation gets out of sync), or both. So, to dine together, I’ve been playing around with some different stuff that satisfies my gluten free needs and others’ vegetarian needs. Mushrooms do a great job of absorbing flavors and have a great texture, so this just seemed like a good project to work on. Continue Reading

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These biscuits are special. Why? Not only do you NOT need to chase it with a glass of water after eating it (yes, they are moist and buttery), but they just had the honor of competing in the Special Biscuit category of the Biscuit Baking Contest at the International Biscuit Festival. Every May, adorable  Knoxville, Tennessee celebrates all things biscuits.  A third place finish was perfectly fine considering the gluten-filled competition: a chef and a multi-time contest winner.  For me, it’s the closest thing I’ll ever experience to being on “Chopped,” one of my favorite cooking shows, except a really chill version of it. For Biscuitfest, entries have to be crazy-special. My entry was accompanied by Beurre-acha Shrimp, Avocado Crema and Crispy Shallots. 

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Getting tired of the same old gluten free cereal or eggs for breakfast? These little gems are ready in about a half hour. It makes six mini cakes (I like two per serving), so I make them one morning and have breakfast for the next three mornings. Convenience is a beautiful thing. These have very little sugar, and the banana in the batter keeps them moist (even the following days), but doesn’t have a banana flavor to them. They remind me of a store-bought, individually wrapped coffee cake from my pre-gluten free days. Continue Reading

About 30 Minutes or Less, Breakfast, Dairy Free, Gluten Free, Grain Free, Paleo Friendly, Sweet

Bored with the same ho-hum breakfast?  If you have 10 minutes to spare, you can whip these up, toss them in the oven and continue with your morning routine for 15 minutes while these bake. They will rise tall, like the photo, as they come out of the oven, but will quickly settle in. They are not overly sweet, but have a crater of crunchy sweet cinnamon in the middle. Add a little more sugar to the batter if you like things sweeter. This recipe makes three babies- which is one serving in this household.

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img_0238 When fruit gets a bit overripe in our home, I make some sort of bread or dessert out of it. This recipe came as a result of several speckled bananas that weren’t going to be eaten as is. It became a dessert, then it was even better for breakfast the next day.   This super-moist cake uses two bananas and only two tablespoons of coconut sugar (the ripe bananas provide plenty of sweetness), but of course you can add a little more if you have a sweeter tooth. To give it a little crunch, add some granola. If you happen to have four ripe bananas, double the recipe and use an 8″ x 8″ pan. P.S. It freezes well too! Continue Reading

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IMG_0223As a kid, when given the choice between French toast or pancakes, French toast always won. Just personal preference, I guess. So, without gluten in my life, I was really happy to get reacquainted French toast.   Since I make my own versions of gluten free bread, I use those, especially if it starts to get stale, but just about any gluten free bread will work. The French toast pictured here was the result of a few slider buns (from this recipe) getting a little dry. Since gluten free ingredients can get a bit pricy, this is just one of the ways I use them up…or I make grilled cheese or croutons. But today was just a French toast kind of day. Continue Reading

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IMG_0209Many people who are avoiding gluten have also chosen to avoid dairy. I switched over to almond milk a few years ago and really haven’t missed a beat with cereal, hot cocoa, etc. Although I love the convenience of buying almond milk at the store, I dislike the number of additives, preservatives, gums and flavors that go into these products. In a pinch, I’ll buy a carton of almond milk, but I much prefer to make my own. As long as you plan a little time and have the right stuff, you can quickly make your own. I first learned about making almond milk from Elana’s pantry, but I keep it plain, where she adds a little vanilla. Regardless, a by-product of almond milk is the pulp. Don’t toss it out! See the recipe to prepare this pulp for use in other recipes. More pulp recipes will be posted as they are created! Search the almond pulp tag below for additional recipes.

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