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Welcome and thanks for visiting Gluten-Free-Way.com! A 2009 celiac disease diagnosis was a major, life altering event for this (at the time) high fiber, low fat girl. Everything I had known in the way of food changed – especially all of the memories of the foods I grew up with. And, I went through the transition pretty much by myself, experiencing both the ups and downs of navigating this gluten free journey as well as the misery, pity parties and boredom. Now, because my health has drastically improved, and I know how to quickly maneuver through the gluten-filled world, it’s really no big deal for me anymore.

I started blogging here at gluten-free-way.com for a few simple reasons:

  1. It may sound selfish, but creating recipes keeps me eating healthy and keeps my boredom to a minimum. When I started my GF journey, I was eating to live, and didn’t really enjoy it at all. Thankfully, those days are well behind me and can honestly say I now live to eat!
  2. I get to share the good stuff I create with others – and hope some of my recipes bring a little joy along your journey.
  3. It pains me to see others struggle with being GF. If I get to help just a few people every now and then, it’s worth it to me to run this blog.

My motivation is somewhat different from other bloggers – you won’t get emails from me trying to sell you anything, and with the links I provide, if they are helpful to you then great. I just don’t have the desire to push anything on anyone. So, If you like my cooking style, and decide to sign up for posts, well, that’s basically what you are going to get.

Whether you have celiac disease, gluten intolerance, gluten sensitivity, another autoimmune disease or just want to follow a gluten free lifestyle, Gluten-Free-Way.com is all about surviving with recipes that are gluten free (and usually grain-free and gum-free), but also thriving on gluten free food that tastes good! As time goes on, more and more people are following a gluten free lifestyle, and it is good to know we are not alone!

The recipes here at Gluten-Free-Way.com and in the book  Survive & Thrive Gluten Free were designed to help others looking to quickly transition to their new gluten free lifestyle.  Satisfying taste & texture, with a focus on simplicity, convenience, time and cost savings also go into the recipes too.

QUICK TIP! All of the recipes on this site were designed in Yummly. What does that mean for you? A little bit of convenience! When you find recipes you like, click on the orange YUM tag at the top of each recipe, which will save it to your own recipe box on the Yummy site. 


My Gluten Free Journey – click to read my story about my diagnosis and journey.


I am a person living a gluten free lifestyle due to a celiac disease diagnosis. When I went gluten free, my awareness of flavors and textures became more acute – or I just mourned the flavors and textures I spent a lifetime enjoying. I truly enjoy the challenge of creating gluten free recipes. I view life from a celiac’s perspective and pay a great deal of attention to cross contamination and manufacturing processes, so take my extremism on that subject for what it is. I do try to cook at home and make my own stuff, but in our fast paced, processed food world, cannot always avoid having to eat a commercially prepared gluten free product. Otherwise I would probably be miserable. I encourage you to find your own individual balance that works for you.

Although I’ve learned a great deal over the past several years, information seems to constantly change, and keeping up with gluten free and celiac disease information could very well be a lifelong process.  I put my time and resources into creating and testing recipes and also managing this site. For your convenience, I include information on products and brands I’ve personally use and have had success with, but encourage you to shop around to get the best gluten free products to fit your needs and budget.  Always be diligent with understanding and questioning manufacturer’s labels, including ingredients and processing practices, as the gluten free status can change at any time! It’s up to you to stay safe!


I am NOT a medical professional or a chef. I was just an average cook most of my life but have embraced and accepted my GF lifestyle, and learning to be a better cook has had a significant impact on my journey. Gluten-Free-Way.com provides information and recipes based on my own personal experiences and may not be suitable for everyone. The recipes herein are meant to be gluten free. Should you have other food sensitivities or allergies, consult a medical professional for assistance and advice on diagnosing and treating your individual needs.  The information and recipes contained herein are not intended to diagnose or treat any illness or medical condition.

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